Solva Icelandic Horses

We have been breeding, importing and training Icelandic horses in the UK for more than 30 years. We also offer full retirement livery for aged or unrideable Icelandics, and livery for local Icelandic horse riders. Mic travels all over the UK coaching Icelandic horse riders on their own horses, and has been an IHSGB Judge since 2000. For more information on courses click here.

We usually have around 25 horses on the farm of all ages. We aim to breed two or three foals per year, and usually have young horses available for sale, to carefully vetted homes.

Our young stallion Sveinn from Solva GB2015134003 was judged first prize as a youngster, and has now been backed and gently started. He’s an extremely sensible horse, with beautiful clearly separated gaits and a loving, curious nature. His foals so far are large and friendly, with good conformation and gaits.

Sveinn is silver dapple black splashed white, with two blue eyes. He is available for stud for registered Icelandic mares.


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