Our Horses

We have around 30 Icelandic horses on the farm, many of them youngsters growing up or retired older horses which we take on livery. We also have our own riding horses, and any youngsters we are bringing on under saddle.

The horses all live out 24/7 in large mixed herds. There is a bachelor herd for the stallions, colts and some geldings, the riding horses, and everyone else, and they graze our own 40 acres plus around 200 acres of National Trust heathland which adjoins the farm. This lets them learn to be horses and teaches the young horses far more than humans ever could.

This is our young stallion Sveinn from Solva, who is everything you could ask for in an Icelandic horse. Superb temperament, excellent gaits, good bloodlines and (the icing on the cake) awesome colour.

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