I recently examined Rough Start, a 3 year old Arabian gelding who had Queensland itch. Rough Start was constantly scratching and had moderate to severe skin irritation as a result. Rough Start was treated with pesticides and injectable cortisone for approximately 1 month. After this time the pony was still scratching and improvement was little or none.

Rough Start was then fitted with the DeMeulenkamp Itch Rug. He was then treated with pesticides on his legs daily, while the DeMeulenkamp Itch Rug was left on. Four weeks later the pony was rechecked. The results were very impressive. Rough Start had stopped scratching and his skin had improved significantly.

I will definitely be recommending the DeMeulenkamp Itch rug to my other clients. 

Darren Gibbins BVSc (Veterinary Surgeon in Australia - Queensland Itch is the Aussie name for Sweet Itch).

Here's a few of the comments we've had about the DeMeulenkamp and Pagony Sweet Itch Rugs:

Thank you so much for exchanging the rug - let me know what I owe. This one does seem a much better fit - I should have followed your online advice about sizes as you did say a size 2 was for Exmoors - but I wasn't convinced as some 5 foot rugs weren't big enough for him. Spirit seems very happy with it.

Thank you so much for a first-rate service.

Very best wishes,

Liz, Exmoor


I have just purchased one of your rugs for my Shetty and just had to let you know how delighted I am with it. It is much better than my boett and it was good, the quality is fantastic value for money, I will be recommending you. I use my old Boett as a spare whilst washing the new rug, I used to think it was great, however, there is no comparison to your rug. It is a much better fit and stays in posiition longer as she is a little fidget. Thanks.

Judy & Miss Pipps (Pippin of Rowangar)


Dear Mic, I attach a photo of Freddy Donkey in his rug and hood for you to use on your website. Please also say that he has the worst sweet itch I have ever seen and the rug is the only thing that stops me putting him out of his misery, poor lad. Doesn't he look good in his rug & hood, that's his best friend Barney next to him. The rug is a size 1 and the mask a cob size.

As we discussed, Freddie has 11" ears and the standard mask ears are 8". Thank you for the extra fabric and, as you can see I have extended the ears by 4". In case anyone asks how to do this, there is a simple method. I unpicked the ear pieces at the base. I then cut two rectangles of fabric the same length as the circumference of the bottom of the ear piece plus about 1" for the join. The depth of the piece of fabric was then cut at about 4". I then joined the short edges of the rectangles of fabric on a sewing machine. I then pinned the resulting circle of fabric to the bottom of the ear pieces and sewed them together thus making the ear pieces 4" longer. I then sewed the ear pieces back in to the face mask. Because I used a rectangle of fabric (rather than a tapered piece) the bottom of the extension was the same size as the existing ear piece hole in the face mask. Hope this helps, thanks for everything.

Julie Hannafold, Powys

Thanks Mic I received the rug yesterday, it is excellent, and fits well.
Juliet Hines, Cheshire

I am so glad that someone has taken the initiative to make these very worthwhile blankets a little cheaper

Anita Hughes, West Sussex

Just to let you know I have received the sweet itch rug this morning..Thankyou. It is a little on the big side, but I would rather it be like that and I can alter it to fit than the other way round. too small. I can't believe how much like the boett it is. Same material etc. I definitely like the idea of the three straps on the belly piece and the mesh on the hood. I will definitely be recommending to my friends, one of whom has a horse in my field that suffers with sweet itch also!! Thankyou again.

Heather Fullwood, South Yorkshire

Thanks for dispatching rug so quickly it fits great and hasn't moved for 10 days shame all rugs didn't fit this well??!!

Diane Matson-Davies, Sunderland

Just to say thanks for the rug which turned out to be the perfect size for my pony Cora. I am very pleased with it, especially as it is virtually the same colour as her, so doesn't stand out too much. I may even be buying a spare one soon!

Carol Hanks, Cambridgeshire


I've recommended you to a few others recently as the new boett in a size 6 would be nearly 180 for my horse. I've been really pleased with the new rug I have to say.

Charlotte Eaton, Surrey

Just wanted to send a thank you for the rug, arrived sooner than expected and is great! Doing the job very well, has become the main rug and not the spare as the design is so much better.

Sophie Forbes, Shrewsbury

Thank you so much. The rug arrived on Tuesday and it has made such a difference to my pony. She is so much happier and has already put on some weight. Just hope the hair grows back quickly now. Thanks once again, I will recommend you to anybody else unfortunate enough to buy a pony with sweet itch.

Leianne Upton, Surrey

Just to let you know that the rug arrived yesterday and seems to be a perfect fit. I'm really pleased with the cut of it and the way it stays in place even when she rolls!

Sheila Lockhart, Ross-shire

Both me and my Shire are very grateful!  I am delighted with the alterations you have made to the original Boett design. The Solva rug is a much better fit and therefore less likely to catch on things. I have included an attachment showing our Shire, Helm's Kingdom Jethro in his new rug in case you need it for publicity to show that your rugs not only fit Shire crosses but purebred Shires too. He stands 17.3 hh and is chunky! When I next have some spare cash I will send for another two rugs so that both our Shires have a change of rugs when they're wet. Thanks again.

Diane Steadman, Cumbria

Just to let you know I received rug 4 days ago put on my cob 2 days ago as weather was so bad. Checked him over yesterday to give him a groom and his sore rub patches have already dried up. His coat is gleaming, He's not miserable and definitely doesn't seem to be rubbing anywhere. He's much happier - will send a pic in a months time to show progress. Many thanks, I would certainly recommend it.

Alfie and Tracey Mmith, Stourport on Severn, Worcs

Hi just to let you know I have received my spare rug and hoods and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service and quality of goods. Will most definitely recommend you. Many thanks once again.

Maria Sax, Hampshire

Hi Mic. Received the rug yestarday, fits my pony perfectly. I can't thank you enough firstly for being so honest, and secondly for sending the rug so promply. I will definately recommend your company to anyone that needs a sweet itch rug. Once again thank you so much. Kind Regards, Maggie. One very satisfied customer!!!!!!

Maggie Semmens, Cornwall

Just to say thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the rug - it fits our cob really well, even around her chunky shoulders and neck. Even though she isn't quite 4 years old yet, she is very happy with it being taken on/off and very comfortable out in the field even with the dreadful swarms of midges that have arrived with the warmer weather. It is also a wonderful self-groomer, it has polished her beautifully!!

Caroline Gale

hi Mic, just to let you know my Friesian mare has been saved from the sweet itch, I mentioned on purchase that a few of my friends will be contacting you as they have done, they have tried mine on I've worded them up and they have seen the major benefits from it, they have contacted you for two, please add this to your web as people should know how well they do work!!! many kind regards hope all your sweet ponies are doing well too.


Hi - I just had to let you know how well we have got on this Summer with Isla's Pagony Rug. We have had the best Summer for years, and the most midges! Isla has had the rug on all the time, and for the first time ever, still has the lower part of her mane intact! (Photo attached to prove it!!!) We still take her in when they get too bad, and we have a fan in the stable which helps a lot - but I'm sure most of it is down to this wonderful rug. We have a Boett, but find it too heavy and "clingy" - the Pagony is referred to as "Isla's Pyjamas" or "Isla's baggy drawers!" but I dont care - it works!! Thank you so much - I'm so glad I found you!

Annette Shewan, Shetland



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