The Pagony
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The Pagony


If you wish to purchase a sweet itch rug in 2019 please email me

The Pagony (pronounced "Pag Ony" - rhymes with pony!) is our economy rug for less severe sweet itch sufferers. It's ideal for horses with mild sweet itch, or those kept in good breezy areas, or for coat protection to stop sun fading, or as a spare rug for more severe sufferers. The material is not quite so hardwearing as the DeMeulenkamp, but otherwise it's an excellent rug. It has more room on the neck than either the DeMeulenkamp or the Boett so may be more suitable for horses with huge manes or very thick necks.

It's made from a soft, shiny synthetic material which is a bit more stretchy then the DeMeulenkamp. The design is similar, though the belly piece is removable making it great for mares suckling foals, or for using when riding.

It's just as easy to mend with a home sewing machine, or even by hand. However, we can't supply spare material (though you can of course use DeMeulenkamp fabric).

The Pagony comes in bronze only in sizes:

125 - to fit normal rug size 3'-3'3

135 - to fit normal rug  size 3'3 - 3'9

145 - to fit normal rug  size 3'9 - 4'3

155 - to fit normal rug  size 4'3" - 4'9"

165 - to fit normal rug size 4'9 - 5'3"

175 - to fit normal rug size 5'3 - 5'8

185 - to fit normal rug size 5'9 - 5'6

195 - to fit normal rug size 6' - 6'3"

205 - to fit normal rug size 6'6 - 6'9'

215 - to fit normal rug size 7' - 7'3

There is some stretch in this material.

All sizes of rug cost only 85

PAGONY HOODS - matching material with a fringe over the eyes - 35 including p&p Hoods are available in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Extra small is ok for smallish Shetlands, but usually a bit big for really tiny miniatures. Small, medium, large and XL equate to pony, cob, full and extra full headcollar/bridle sizes.The Pagony hood has two clips under the throat which have a "tag" of webbing to be sewn to the rug in the correct place for your horse, and an elastic strap with a loop which goes around the belly piece elastic near the withers.