Horses Sold
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Here are some of the horses we've sold over the past few years:

Florida from Solva - "Florrie" is Ardís´s 2012 filly. She´s not actually pure Icelandic - her dad is a very specialy piebald Gypsy cob called Bert. Florrie shows some tolt in the field, and should make around 14.2hh. She has her dad´s big feathery feet, and it will be really interesting to see how she progresses.

She´s been sold to Icelandic horse "old hand" :) Lu, who lives near Malvern and has lots of other Icelandics. Lu hopes to show Florrie in local shows, and also do some jumping with her.


Ardís from Solva - huge grey (born blue dun) mare by Fróđi from Solva out of Jenný. Árdís is a sweet gentle mare who had a nice filly foal in 2012.


She´s been sold to Jan Payne, a lovely local lady, who is about to start her under saddle.




Thor from Solva - Linnie´s favourite boy is going up North to join Helen Morris in Scotland. He´s a big 4-gaited red dun gelding, very handsome and a lovely nature.


Thor is by Drífandi out of Molda, and was born in 2006. Helen hopes to do some long rides and competitions with Thor in the future.


Glódís from Solva - truly stunning silver dapple black mare, born in 2007. Glódís is a real sweetie, fast, fun and a natural tölter. She was sold ready to start her training, to Jan Payne who lives at Simpson Hill, not far from Solva.

Jan has backed Glódís herself and she is going really well. She got into the finals at her first competition and is a lovely riding horse.




Eldur from Solva, big, gentle chestnut gelding with flaxen mane and tail, born 2006.


Eldur has gone to a lovely new home with Andie near Builth Wells where he is now being ridden out regularly and is very much loved.



  • Depla frá Tjarnakoti IS2000255555 - Very large (14hh +), strongly built girl, chestnut flaxen skewbald splashed white, stunning looking. Depla is a lovely family horse, good to catch/box/shoe/clip/100% traffic etc. She's a forward but sensible ride, good alone or in company - she can occasionally get a bit strong in company so is probably not a totally novice ride. Ridden on the beach and in the forest by a nervous rider. She's 5-gaited with high action . Proven brood mare who produces lovely offspring. No sweet itch shown in her or her offspring. Depla is now blissfully happy with Julie Lennox in Suffolk.



Sirius from Solva - Skessa's blue dun (going grey) colt foal by Thor, who has gone to France to be a stallion eventually. He's accompanied by Jenny's black filly by Bob, Lotta from Solva.

Perla from Whitley - (sold on behalf of her owner) - Tall, strong and well-built grey filly (born black) who is very friendly, good to catch, shoe, box, lead etc. Perla was born in 2007, by Fróđi from Solva out of Skuld frá Hjaróartungu. Perla has gone to join the herd at Halfkey Icelandics near Hereford.

Týr from Solva - by Dropi out of Jenný, Týr is a tall black gelding, 5-gaited, who now belongs to Freija Glansdorp near Bristol. Freija has done lots of stuff with Týr including having quite a bit of success in competitions. They are a really good team who work together well.




Ómar from Solva - chestnut splashed white pinto gelding out of Depla and now gone to Shendi and Joc is Lincolnshire. Ómar is a lovely boy who is sadly completely deaf (it´s related to his splash white colouring), and he´s very happy in his new home, where he´s having a lot of fun with a couple of donkeys!






Sölvi from Solva GB2009134013 - 2009 colt by Stáli from Birdsmoorgate out of Jenný frá Eyvindarhólum. Red dun with a star, very tall and well built and with exceptional movements. Rather shy, but curious and very sweet. Sölvi has real stallion or competition potential. He should make a tall, strong horse and appears to be 4-gaited.






galdurhead.jpg (59443 bytes)Galdur - This young black gelding has recently been started and is looking very promising. He has good action in all the gaits, and his tölt is easy to find. He has good natural self-carriage and a very sweet temperament. He´s friendly and easy to handle, not scared of things, and a really nice chap. He´s strong and stocky and should make a fun forward going family horse for a rider who is not too tall. UK-bred, no sign of sweet itch. Born 2003, 13.1hh, good to catch, box, shoe etc etc.



  • Drift fra Althingi - beautiful family horse. 9 years old, about 13.3hh and strongly built.  Sold to Ida Kraft in Somerset, where she will be living with Ida's other Icelandic mare Eistla.





Out of our brood mare Molda by Drífandi, Drift is a really lovely mare who now belongs to Carol Clark.





Aska - We imported Aska from Iceland a couple of years ago. She´s a gorgeous mare, a real family horse, but just not quite big enough for Maria and I who are "larger ladies"! She has just been sold to Joanne from Staffordshire. Good luck, Jo!





Sölvi used to be my competition horse - I rode him in three world championships. He´s a beautiful, talented horse who has been wasted up here for the last few years since I stopped competing seriously and turned more to judging. It was a very hard decision to sell him, made easier by the lovely home he went to, down in Salisbury with Rose Clarke and family.

Sölvi was originally Rose´s son Robert´s horse. Robert had a whale of a time with Sölvi and they had a real bond together. Then, tragically, Robert died in an accident at home during the summer of 2006. Rose is now riding Sölvi herself, and he remains a link for her to her beloved son Robert.




Rúna was our very first Icelandic foal, and she´s now in her twenties. She belongs to Gundula and Jeremy Sharman who live near Aberdeen, and they say that if they could clone her they would be rich as all their friends would like to buy her - but she´s not for sale!






We sold Skuggi as a youngster to Tina in North Yorkshire. He was her first Icelandic, and she´s had a lot of fun with him. He´s certainly a character, as well as being a very handsome boy. He now belongs to Tina's friend Philippa who is enjoying competing with him.







Another of the Molda/Drífandi youngsters, but totally different to her full sister Drift, Elding was sold as a youngster to Fiona and Graeme in Devon. They began her training, and she is a nice 4-gaited family horse.