Icelandic Horse Colours

There's an old Icelandic saying - "A Good Horse Has No Colour" - but for many people the huge variety of colours in Icelandics is one of the attractions of the breed. Icelandics come in literally all colours apart from spotted. Here are some examples of the various colours:




red bay

bay dun



buckskin (bay with cream gene)

palomino - chestnut with cream gene (light)

red dun (chestnut + dun gene, "pink" in Icelandic)

blue dun (black with dun gene)

dapple grey


blue dun - light, homozygous (black with two dun genes)

chestnut roan skewbald

buckskin - dark (called "ghost buckskin" in Icelandic)

bay dun (light)

red chestnut ("blood chestnut" in Icelandic)

silver dapple black (black horse with silver dapple gene)

black (faded in the sun)

palomino (chestnut with cream gene)

smoky black (black with cream gene)

dark grey (born blue dun, turning grey)

chestnut roan (strawberry roan)

silver dapple black

chestnut dun splashed white (minimal) - chestnut horse with dun gene and splash white gene - eyes are blue

blue dun splashed white (black horse with dun and splash white, blue eyes)

chestnut skewbald

buckskin dun (bay with cream and dun genes)

dark chestnut with flaxen mane

silver dapple bay (bay with silver dapple gene)

bay skewbald

red dun splashed white

black splashed white (blue eyes)

dark bay skewbald

smoky black skewbald (black with cream and pinto genes)

silver dapple bay dun

silver dapple blue roan (black, silver dapple, roan genes)

silver dapple buckskin dun

chestnut splashed white skewbald (blue eyes)

palomino skewbald

grey skewbald (will become grey - white - with age)

silver dapple smoky black

silver dapple black (homozygous)

bay roan

silver dapple black skewbald

blue roan

chestnut/black chimera

chestnut/grey chimera




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