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Horses for Sale

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We sometimes have, or know of, horses for sale that are not on the website. Please do contact us. All our horses have full IHSGB passports.



Aska from Orchardleigh GB2016234011 - Grey filly (born black with a star), born in 2016 here in Solva. Should be four gaited, very friendly and loveable, a real character. Nicely bred with good conformation and action, and looks like she will be a tall girl. Currently growing up in the herd at Solva, for sale on behalf of her owner. No signs of sweet itch here (I think she will have a huge mane and tail like her dad), good to foot trim etc. though not handled all that much apart from regular foot trims, worming etc. She has a sensible head on her, though I think she could be a bit pushy if handled wrongly as a youngster as she is quite a confident little madam! Always the first to the gate to say hello.  :) 

£2000 ono. Email me


Refur from Solva GB2010134034 - Chestnut gelding with a snip and lighter mane and tail, born 2010, around 13.2hh. Refur is a lovely chunky chap with a leg at each corner, who is very comfortable, reasonably forward going with good brakes and pretty bombproof though he takes his confidence from his rider. However, Refur can be very difficult every now and again when ridden, and will attempt to turn and gallop for home, and he will even occasionally put in a little buck, so he is only available as a project to a confident, competent rider who is prepared to deal with this. 95% of the time he's a really cracking Icelandic - but not 100%. He's very easy to handle, good to catch when handled regularly (though not so good to catch if he's not!), good to box and shoe, hasn't been clipped but I think he would be fine. Sweet itch free here.

Home more important than price. If you think you might be the right person to form a good bond with Refur and bring him on to be a really lovely riding horse, Email me


SOLD - Maistjarna from Solva - Special bay mare, 14hh, ticks all the boxes - super gaits, easy tolt, big, beautiful, well-bred (has had one foal) etc, 100% catch, box, shoe, clip, traffic etc and an absolute gem when ridden in company but dislikes going out alone. Her price currently reflects the fact that she an understanding rider. Contact me if you think she might be right for you.  Can be seen/tried in Norfolk currently. Email me




SOLD - IS2003284061 - Sóley frá Eylandi - Soley is a lovely little mare, and would be ideal for a child or smaller adult rider as she's only around 12.1hh. She was imported from Iceland in 2008 and used as a brood mare for several years (not by us), and not started under saddle. I haven't started her as I'm too big for her, but I think she will be really easy. She's had a saddle on, done some loose work in the round pen, been hand-horsed out round the roads etc and is very laid back about everything. Doesn't worry about things, good to catch, box, tie up, lead, foot trim etc. If you are looking for a nice calm Icelandic to play with Soley is your girl, and she has masses of tolt. HOWEVER - she does have severe sweet itch, so is only available to a home where the midges are reasonable and an owner who is prepared to take good care of her. She would come with rug, hood, udder cover etc. Contact me if you think she might be right for you. Email me

SOLD - Orri from Solva - Orri was born in 2017 and is a beautiful big black colt with great movements and good conformation, excellent tolt and trot, high action, friendly, confident and lots of charisma. We purchased his mother, a lovely big blue dun mare and she was in foal. Sadly, although both his parents were from Iceland, DNA samples were not collected correctly from his father on import, and his grandfather in Iceland has died, so although he is a pure bred Icelandic, he has not been registered with the IHSGB. Registration would theoretically be possible but would require 3-way DNA testing of Orri, his mum, dad and an uncle in Iceland. (This can all be confirmed and arranged with the IHSGB, who hold his, and his parent's DNA). Registration would cost in the region of £500. Due to his quality, Orri, if sold with an IHSGB passport, would be in the region of £1500 as a yearling. However, because he only has a Pet ID passport, we are asking £500 for him. Gelding would be a condition of sale. He will make a cracking riding horse, but should not be bred from due to his passport problems. He will be fine to compete at local Icelandic shows, displays etc, but not at British or World Championships. If you would like to find out more, Email me.

We also have some lovely youngsters, fully registered and passported with the IHSGB, all with good breeding, super gaits, pretty colours and nice temperaments. From £2000. Email me



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Horses Sold